Conservation Restrictions Held

The WCLT holds three conservation restrictions, one by Lake Waban, one by the Charles River and one off of Pembroke Road.

  • The Lake Waban Restriction is a 5-acre area along Lake Waban and Pond Road. The land is owned by Wellesley College. The college currently allows access by way of a trail around Lake Waban.
  • The Charles River Restriction is a 50-foot wide by 727-foot long strip along the Charles River. It is just west of Waban Arches and is across the river from Elm Bank. This steep hillside is one of the most remote and wild sections of Wellesley. You can reach it by walking west along the Sudbury Aqueduct from the Guernsey Path or Dover Road. This is the only restriction which grants the WCLT the right to use the area at any time for “natural science study’ and particularly for “bird watching”. The land is owned by Wellesley College.
  • The Pembroke Road Restriction is a 3.5 acre wooded area between #9 and #17 Pembroke Road. It is privately owned land. There is no public access to this restriction.