Native Plant and Pollinator Resources

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Problems with Invasive Shrubs: Identify, Remove, Replace

with Cricket Vlass, Horticulturist and Landscape Planner, Town of Wellesley

Downloadable reference handout of native alternatives here.
Downloadable handout of the slides here.

​Recommended reading list from our friends at Weston Plant Pollinator Alliance.


Wellesley Town Pollinate Wellesley
Wellesley’s Pollinator Gardens and Other Resources
Pollinator Pathways website
Sustainable Weston’s Make Way for Pollinator’s Action Guide
The National Wildlife Foundation: Native plant finder–ranked by the number of butterfly and moth species that use them for host plants.
Leave the Leaves!” – Wild Seed Project
Top Native Plant Choices for Low Maintenance – Amanda Sloan, Raingarden Design

Part 1 – Creating Living Landscapes to Restore Nature’s Relationships

Presentation by Doug Tallamy. Q&A by Prof Heather Mattila and Raina McManus

​Doug Tallamy 2017 Presentation

Part 2 – Designing a Native Plant Garden

Presentation by Amanda Sloan, Raingarden Design Studio, email: 
Link to handout: Top Native Plant Choices for Low Maintenance

Part 3 – Rethinking Yard Care: How to Do More with Less Work

Anna Fialkoff, Wild Seed Project,
George Carrette, EcoQuiet Lawn Care, Concord,

Rethinking Yard Care – Anna Fialkoff Slides
Do More with Less Work – George Carrette Slide
Eco Landscaping
Grow Native Mass Nurseries and Seeds
Wild Seed Project’s “Leave the leaves”