Fall 2007: Who Lives in Your Backyard?

Fall 2007: Who Lives in Your Backyard?


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Presented by Audubon Ark
An Outreach Program of Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA

Photo by Alice Cestari
The Audubon Ark outreach program from Massachusetts Audubon’s Drumlin Farm presented a live animal demonstration entitled “Who Lives in Your Backyard?” As Audubon Ark’s naturalist introduced a hawk, an opossum, a painted turtle, and a box turtle, the audience had the opportunity to meet native animals and discover the relationship between where they live and what they look like.

All the wildlife presented is native to our backyards. The program cultivated an appreciation for and an understanding of native animals and their habitat. Young children developed an awareness and understanding of our interrelationship with the land that sustains and surrounds us. All these native animals are cared for in Drumlin Farm Sanctuary. They live in captivity because of injuries that make it impossible for them to survive on their own.