Fall 2013: Mount Washington: Home of the World’s Worst Weather

Fall 2013: Mount Washington: Home of the World's Worst Weather


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Presented by Will Broussard
Outreach Coordinator, Mount Washington Observatory

With bitter cold, dense fog, heavy snow, and record winds, 6288-foot Mount Washington is New England’s highest peak and is known for unpredictable and dangerous weather. But why, for a mountain its size, does Mount Washington actually see the World’s Worst Weather?

Mount Washington Observatory’s Will Broussard delivered a hands-on session multimedia session focusing on the unique weather at the summit of Mount Washington and the weather observers who work at the observatory year-round. The program combined interactive demonstrations, weather instruments, images, and video footage to bring the Mount Washington summit here to Wellesley. Despite heavy competition from the final game of the World Series, some 60 people came to hear and see the program.