Spring 2008: A Convenient Truth: A Water-wise Future for Wellesley and How We Can Get There

Spring 2008:  A Convenient Truth: A Water-wise Future for Wellesley and How We Can Get There


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Presented by Peggy Sunshine
Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA)

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We are all concerned about how water resources will be impacted by climate change, and whether aging public infrastructure is affecting the quality and quantity of water in Wellesley. In this program,Peggy Sunshine of the CRWA, showed how the relationship between land and water resources are intricately connected. She described how CRWA’s hydrologists, urban restoration planners, and environmental scientists are protecting fresh water resources in this region and beyond.

Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) is a non-profit environmental organization founded in 1965 to restore one of the earliest settled rivers in America. Its work is to protect all 80 miles of the Charles River as well as its watershed, which drains an area of 308 square miles, encompassing a total of 35 towns. Almost a million people, 16% of the state population, are directly impact and are impacted by the health of the Charles River.

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CRWA has played a prominent role in cleaning up the river and has influenced government policy, developed river water monitoring protocols, fought to uphold water use rulings, studied and protected river plants and wildlife, and educated public officials, community groups, students of all ages and legislators on best practices in protecting watersheds. Today, CRWA is the leading organization in helping the public understand the river’s current health and the sources of pollution contributing to its impairment for both recreational use and as habitat for fish and wildlife. CRWA assists cities and developers realize new possibilities in urban planning through thoughtful consideration for preserving and protecting water resources, and through engineering that conforms to natural hydrology.