Spring 2012: Gardening Towards Creating Sustainable Landscapes

Spring 2012: Gardening Towards Creating Sustainable Landscapes


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Presented by Warren Leach

Moss Lawn Photo by Warren Leach
Warren Leach delivered slide presentation Gardening Towards Creating Sustainable Landscapes. A landscape designer and horticulturist, Mr. Leach explored design themes for sustainable landscapes. He is a co-owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehoboth, MA.

A sustainable landscape is both visually pleasing as well as environmentally friendly. Sustainable planting design reduces the need for plant maintenance by using minimum amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, energy, water, and time. Mr. Leach addressed plants and planting combinations that make up an environmentally friendly garden. He highlighted landscapes that embrace that paradigm, and showed before and after images of their creation. Sustainable landscapes actively contribute to a healthy environment. They use innovative planting and design to clean the air, soil and water while restoring natural habitats for animals and plants.

Photo by Warren Leach
Warren Leach is a prominent grower of day lilies, iris, distinctive perennials, and woody plants. He is a passionate plant collector, nurseryman, horticulturist, and landscape designer. Over the last 25 years, Warren has created beautiful landscapes throughout New England and made educational display gardens at Tranquil Lake Nursery. His awards and honors are numerous. He has twice received the National Landscape Association Regional Certificate of Merit for Residential Landscape Design. In 2009 the Rhode Island Nursery and landscape Association awarded him with the First Place Award for Residential Design. The Massachusetts Horticulture Society honored him in 2010 with the Gold Medal for his horticultural expertise in creating exceptional displays for the New England Flower Show.

Images of Warren’s garden design at Brigham Hill Farm, North Grafton, MA are archived at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.