Spring 2013: Rain Gardens: Finding the Balance

Spring 2013: Rain Gardens: Finding the Balance


12:00 am

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Presented by Peter Hinrichs
Landscape Designer, Horticulturist, Educator

Photo by Peter Hinrichs
Peter Hinrichs delivered a PowerPoint slide presentation, “Rain Gardens: Finding the Balance.” Mr. Hinrichs explored the handling of storm water on a residential landscape scale and offered creative solutions for finding the balance between the designed and natural environment. He reviewed design options, construction details, maintenance and plant selection for a rain garden.

Because water is a precious resource, many people have become interested in rain gardens. These specially constructed gardens can absorb rain water collected from roofs, buildings, and roads. They have a 30% greater capacity to soak up water than a standard lawn while also filtering storm runoffs before they reach ponds, lakes, or rivers.

The many benefits of a rain garden include:

  • Replenishing and protecting local and regional aquifers
  • Preventing flooding and drainage problems
  • Building a beautiful environment
  • Creating valuable habitat and for wildlife

Photo by Peter Hinrichs
At ten years old, Peter Hinrichs began pulling weeds and tending perennial gardens. This led to his maintaining the grounds of an apartment complex. After apprenticing at a landscape design firm in New Hampshire, he majored in landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Hinrichs’ career has been shaped by his belief in the value of well-designed landscapes. He currently works as a Horticultural Specialist at the Learning Prep School in Newton, MA and is the owner of dig in it!, an organic and sustainable landscape design and construction company.